Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss + Do Healthy, Processed Foods Exist?

Friday’s here! Time for another edition of Fit Links!

Healthy Processed Foods: Do They Exist? Processed foods are everywhere and it’s a bit silly to expect people to go from eating processed to 100% clean overnight. This great piece shows you how to choose healthy options when it comes to food that’s processed.

10 Must-Have Foods for Your High Fiber Diet Plan Fiber is often overlooked yet is so important to keep your body running smoothly, so to speak. If you’re looking for some tasty, high fiber foods to add to your meal plan, look no further.

Stress Less, Lose Fat! Did you know that January is quite possibly the most stressful month of the year? I would have to say December for me I think! Follow these six guidelines to have less stress in your life and a bit more peace.

Depression, SAD or Just A Funk: The Differences & How to Cope Aren’t sure if you’re just sad or actually depressed? It can be hard to tell the difference but this article makes it easy. I personally believe that having good mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. If you’re doing well mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, you’ll feel very balanced so it really is important to strive for all four for optimal health. You’ll be happier, more productive and have higher self-esteem. Always remember to take care of YOU. You deserve that and so do your children, your family and your friends.

8 Ways the Grocery Store is Making You Eat More My favorite grocery shopping tip is to stick to the perimeter of the store. That is where you should be getting most of your food from. This article suggests bringing cash instead of plastic to pay for your goods so you’ll actually spend less money, along with 7 other ways the grocery store is making you gain weight and how to avoid those fat traps!

Weight Loss Success Story of the Week: Jennifer Hudson

Hudson: Lose What Weighs You Down I’m sure you’ve seen the Weight Watchers commercials featuring Jennifer Hudson. Weight Watchers helped Jennifer lose 80 pounds and she says she’s learned how to keep it off. (go girl!) Her brand new book ‘I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lose What Weighed Me Down’ (Amazon), was just released and those who have already read the book have found it to be a great motivator.

I love a good weight loss story and with all that Hudson has been through, hers is a really great one. I also love her message about losing what weighs you down. Whether it be actual weight, negative people, unhealthy habits – whatever it is – losing what brings you down will make a huge, positive difference in your life!

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