Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme Workout (Video)

My time with Les Mills Pump is almost over – I can’t believe it! I have just 3 Pump workouts left. Yesterday I did the super dangerous Les Mill Pump Pump Extreme workout. (kidding!) I say that because I managed to bruise my finger somehow. I do bruise easily but I couldn’t tell ya how I did it, even after watching the video back.

Can’t see too well in the pic, but that dark area is a bruise. And it hurt! It’s much better today though.

Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme

Les Mills Pump: Pump Extreme

Can’t see the video? Click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjyKB6CG–8

==> Wanna give Les Mills Pump a try? Have questions? Feel free to contact me via email or on Facebook. =)

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