Punkeelove Headbands: Stylish without the Headband Headaches

I was recently contacted by a lady by the name of Stacy who asked me if I would do a review of her Punkeelove headbands. At first I wasn’t sure since I’ve never been a fan of headbands but then I figured that a lot of active women probably are. I’ve hated headbands since my elementary school years because they have always given me headaches.

Anyway, shortly after agreeing, Stacy immediately shipped out 2 headbands for me to look over.

These are the 2 headbands that were shipped to me:

Now, here is what you’ll find on the Punkeelove headbands website:

“Totally non-slip, always the perfect fit! No more headband headache!”

I honestly thought to myself…yeah right. I’ve tried many types of headbands and it didn’t seem to matter what they were made of – plastic, cloth, metal…I always got a headache within minutes.

If you take a close look at these headbands you can see that the inside of the headband is made with a velvet-like material that is soft and also helps keep the headband in place so it doesn’t slip. I haven’t seen any headbands like this before.

To put these babies to the test I wore them during both strength training and high intensity training and they actually stayed in place. What was better? I never got a headache.

My stepdaughter loves to wear these and they don’t seem to bother her either – she’s 4. She has very long hair but she likes to wear it down and these headbands keep the hair out of her face while still allowing her to wear it her favorite way.

These headbands are also adjustable. So whether you have a tiny circle head or a big melon like mine, you’ll find that these headbands will fit.  There are many different styles available including solid colors and prints. You can even choose to have them embroidered if you want to, you can choose the band of fabric to be wide or thin and you can even have these headbands “blinged” out – they are completely customizable.

Price: $12.00 each.

You can learn more about Punkeelove headbands and the styles they have available by clicking here.

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